Season 7 Quiz

Hello Unicorns!
You are bored because there are no events during the off-season? You watched all the games of our Pink Power Ponies very intently? You think you would know everything about Season 7? Well, let’s see if you pass our questions.


Welcome to our Season 7 Quiz! For the next 4 weeks we will ask you 14 questions about the past season. Below you will find some more details. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us, we will reply as soon as possible!


Update 03/01/2018:

The winners are Dennis Köhler with 12 points, Séra Kornél with 10 points and Paul Töpel and Rafael Gonzalez share the third place with 8 points. Congratulations to our four winners!


Question No. 1: How many times was Gragas picked in the Regular Season of Spring and Summer Split when UOL played on red side?

Gragas was picked 13 times when UOL played on red side: 4 times in Spring Split and 9 times in Summer Split 9; UOL picked him 6 times.

Question No. 2: In which game at Rift Rivals did Vizicsacsi have the highest CSD@15 over his opponent? Which champion did he play in that game?

Csacsi had his highest CS-lead in the second game against Cloud9 – he played Gnar and was 52 CS ahead of Ray’s Kled.

Question No. 3: Which Champion(s) was/were banned 10 times against UOL in the Summer Split Regular Season?

Caitlyn was the only Champion which was banned exactly 10 times against UOL in the Summer Split Regular Season.

Question No. 4: In how many games of the entire Season did Samux achieve more than 350 CS?

There were 16 games total in which Samux achieved more than 350 CS. 4 in the Spring Split Regular Season, 3 in the Spring Split Play-Offs, 7 in Summer Split and 2 in the Regional Qualifier.

Question No. 5: What did Hylissang say after his legendary Lulu Baron steal?

“I got it.”

Question No. 6: How often did Exileh claim a Double Kill in the entirety of the Summer Split?

14 times.

Question No. 7: In the Spring Split Vizicsacsi got a legendary kill with Poppy‘s Ultimate. How many times did all players combined use Flash in that game?

Flash was used 22 times in that game.

Question No. 8: Which Champion was first-picked most often throughout the entire Season, when UOL played on blue side?

Rengar, he was picked 5 times.

Question No. 9: How many times in the entirety of the Spring Split was Samux ahead in CS compared to the opposing ADC at the end of a game in which Exileh’s KDA was 5.0 or better?

This combination of events occurred 10 times total at the end of a game.

Question No. 10: How often did Xerxe achieve a Baron Steal in the Regular Seasons of Spring Split and Summer Split combined?

5 times: 4 times in Spring Split, 1 time in Summer Split.

Question No. 11: How often did UOL claim a Shut Down Bonus during Rift Rivals?

9 times total: 2 times versus each P1 and TSM in the group stage and 5 times in the final versus TSM.

Question No. 12: Which Champion did Hylissang have the most assists on, in aggregate, throughout the entirety of Season 7?

Hyli got the most assists on Rakan: 115 total.

Question No. 13: How often did Exileh secure First Blood in the entirety of Season 7?

7 times: 4 times in the Spring Split, 1 time each in the Summer Split, Rift Rivals and the Regional Qualifier.

Question No. 14: On which date did the “LoveHurtsCrew Prom Night” take place?

We brought some glamour to the studio on March 4th, 2017.


When will the quiz take place?

The quiz starts on Monday the 20th of November and ends on Sunday the 17th of December. The first question will be online at about 8 pm CET.


How can you participate?

Answer the latest question by filling in the form on our website on time.


How long will you have time to answer the question?

The form for answering the question will be online for 48 hours on our website.


What can you win?

1st Place T-shirt of the winners choice from the UOL fanshop

2nd Place UOL mousepad

3rd Place UOL mug


How will a winner be chosen?

For each correct answered question you will get a point. The person with the most points after the end of the quiz wins. If there are people with the same amount of points there will be a tie breaker between those people. More information will come if needed.



Parts of the executive commitee of LHC are excluded from this quiz.