How can I join?

Joining the LoveHurtsCrew is super easy! Just read our statute and if you are satisfied with our goals and objectives, fill in the application and send it to us via e-mail – we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What do I get for joining?

We can offer you an awesome experience at LCS in the rows of the first LCS fanclub in Europe. That includes a discount on tickets, as well as being part of our events. You can also contribute your own ideas for events and activities. As our work continues, there might also new perks be coming in the future.

I don’t live in Germany / can’t attend LCS. Does it still make sense for me to join?

We are trying to involve fans from abroad into the Unicorns action as best as we can, bei t through videos, photos or monthly give-aways. There will also be a newsletter for members, and if you can make it to LCS we will try our best to help you with tickets, accommodation and transportation.

What are you doing with my membership fee?

Since we are an official club, we are accountable to the tax authorities – that means that we can’t just keep the money for ourselves. For now, we are using it to pay for our new banners for the 2018 season and merch that we buy from the Unicorns for our give-aways. We are also buying prizes for the Battle of Blessings, to help build the community.

The statute says that there will be an annual membership meeting – How can I attend?

If you can’t attend the meeting physically, you can easily join us via teamspeak. Since we are an international fanclub, no one is forced to attend physically.