Prom Night

Hello EU LCS lovers!   Get your hair and makeup ready and put on your most luxurious suit and tie or your prettiest dress! Join us in celebrating the last week of the EU LCS Summer Split in style!   The time has finally come for us to invite you to our grand Prom Night […]

Pyjama Party

Hey EU LCS fans!   You’re always too lazy to get changed after getting up? Then this weekend is perfect for you: Grab your pillow and your favourite stuffed animal as it’s time for our Pyjama Party! Join us watching the games in your cosiest pyjama – we won’t complain about any yawns #promised!   […]

Jersey Days

You think King Zone DragonX will win Worlds this year? G2 are your true EU champions? To your mind this split will be TSM’s? It’s time to show your support for your team this weekend! Wear the jersey of your favourite team to win one of six 10€ RP gift cards!   Wearing a jersey […]

Onesie Days

Hello EU LCS lovers!   Put on your most favourite and cosiest onesie this weekend! It doesn’t matter if you dress like a sparkling unicorn, a fluffy rabbit or an oversized Pikachu, everyone’s awesomeness will be rewarded with delicious candy!   You can get your candy bag during the break after the second game (VIT […]


When the smell of barbecue is in the air, gnats buzz around your ears and your ice cream melts faster than you can lick it, it’s time for the EU LCS Summer Split!   It’s been a while since we all cheered for our favourite teams but thankfully this incredibly long break is finally over! […]

Talking To Our “Crewmami”

One year after the foundation of the LoveHurtsCrew we talked to our president Lisa “Crewmami” Heinrich about her experiences with the LHC and her wishes for the future:   January 3rd 2016 — LHC’s official registration date. Now it’s one year later. How was this first year for you as a president? It was awesome! We […]