Pyjama Party

Hey EU LCS fans!


You’re always too lazy to get changed after getting up? Then this weekend is perfect for you: Grab your pillow and your favourite stuffed animal as it’s time for our Pyjama Party! Join us watching the games in your cosiest pyjama – we won’t complain about any yawns #promised!


And of course a real LCS night can’t exist without popcorn. So if you show up in a pyjama you’ll get a bag of popcorn for free! You can collect your popcorn token during the break after the second game (ROC vs MSF on Friday // H2K vs GIA on Saturday).


The bags are limited to one per person. But remember: This event happens on Friday and Saturday! If you wear a pyjama on both days, you’ll get two popcorn bags total!


See you soon!

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