Jersey Days

You think King Zone DragonX will win Worlds this year? G2 are your true EU champions? To your mind this split will be TSM’s? It’s time to show your support for your team this weekend! Wear the jersey of your favourite team to win one of six 10€ RP gift cards!


Wearing a jersey of a League of Legends professional team allows you to take part in our lottery for a chance to win one out of three 10€ RP gift cards each day.


Everyone can add his or her name once to the lottery*. But remember: This event happens on Friday and Saturday. So if you wear a jersey on both days, you can participate twice! (But only if you didn’t win on Friday!)


Please note that you can only participate during the break after the third game (H2K vs SPY on Friday // GIA vs FNC on Saturday). You can find our magical lottery box right next to the Baron statue.


The winners will be announced during the break before the last game (FNC vs G2 on Friday // G2 vs UOL on Saturday).


*As a member of the LoveHurtsCrew e.V. you can add your name twice to the lottery each day.

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