When the smell of barbecue is in the air, gnats buzz around your ears and your ice cream melts faster than you can lick it, it’s time for the EU LCS Summer Split!


It’s been a while since we all cheered for our favourite teams but thankfully this incredibly long break is finally over! Only four more days until the Summer Split of the legendary EU LCS starts. Are you excited? Well, we are definitely down for some studio action. To celebrate this Summer Split appropriately we planned an event for nearly every week. Participating is highly welcomed and totally worth it as we have some cool rewards for you. To know what to do or what to wear on which day just look at our event plan below. Specific information for each event will be shared a few days before they begin.


You don’t have your tickets yet? Then hurry up and make sure to be part of the action by buying your tickets here:


If you are a member of the LoveHurtsCrew e.V. do not hesitate to contact us before purchasing your tickets. We have a special discount for members!


We look forward to cheering with (or against) you in the studio soon! FEAR OUR HORNS!




222. + 23. JuneOnesie DaysShow up in your favourite onesie!
329. + 30. JuneJersey DaysWear the jersey of your most loved team!
520. + 21. JulyPyjama PartyWhat could be more comfortable than watching the games in your cosiest pyjama?
628. JulyCSDShow us the most colourful version of you!
810. + 11. AugustPool PartySplish Splash! Catch your swimwear and your Hawaiian shirt to celebrate a pool party with us!
917. + 18. AugustProm NightSuit up! This will be a glamorous evening!


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