Talking To Our “Crewmami”

One year after the foundation of the LoveHurtsCrew we talked to our president Lisa “Crewmami” Heinrich about her experiences with the LHC and her wishes for the future:


January 3rd 2016 — LHC’s official registration date. Now it’s one year later. How was this first year for you as a president?

It was awesome! We never expected such a high interest in what we do. I enjoyed every moment I spent for/with the LHC and don’t want to miss a second. We got many new members, met incredible people from all over the world and in general had the best year — hopefully 2018 becomes even better.


What was your greatest experience this year?

Oh…that’s a hard question…there are many small moments which made me really happy. But maybe the greatest memories are our trips Katowice and Hamburg. We had great weekends overall, not only in the arenas.


During the last Season you were in the studio for nearly every game. What makes these visits special?

It’s always about the people you can meet there. I made a lot of (close) friends during the games and the breaks in the studio. Don’t want to miss anyone and I’m already really hyped for January 19th to meet all these people again after 4 months without LCS.


Do you wish there were other fangroups showing up regularly? Do you have any tips for them?

Other organized fangroups would be great. We always have a lot of fun when there are other groups in the studio since it’s more exciting if you don’t cheer “in an empty room”. I can remember some games when there was another group of fans and we could just try which group is louder. 🙂
If anyone thinks about organizing a fangroup feel free to contact us, we are happy to help.


Do you have any wishes for the EU LCS? What could make your time in the studio better?

I think the fact that every team is playing every day again already helps a lot. You will have more people in the studio, no empty seats anywhere and hopefully more hype as well. There were some days when we were the only people cheering, which felt weird.


What are you looking forward to in Season 8?

To meet all these awesome people in the studio again, some new events we planned for LHC and of course our Unicorns at World’s!


Anything to say to LoveHurtsCrew?

Stay as awesome as you are!


— mirixryan

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