Game Report Week 2 Day 3

This Saturday our beloved Unicorns had to face off H2K in their second match of the week. After a breath-taking series the Unicorns of Love beat the former World’s semifinalist 2:1 and climb the first place of group B!

UOL elected Red Side for the first game and showed an interesting pick and ban phase as Exileh picked up Katarina whereas Hylissang propably got inspired by the stunning cosplay of LHC’s Raka as he locked in Thresh. The game started really sedately until Nuclear and Chei initiated a lane swap at 7 minutes. Shortly after Exileh and Xerxe roamed topside to catch Chei and Nuclear under the tower. Xerxe resurrected Daisy while Exileh jumped — over the incoming Ashe arrow — directly on Chei. Jankos joined the party as Exhaust landed on Exileh and he needed to flash out. He grabbed Hyli’s lantern and got pulled to safety. Meanwhile Febiven found Xerxe who escaped into the jungle. The midlaner landed a stun on the Ivern, burst him with Unleashed Power and secured First Blood for H2K in the 11th minute. But the fight was only at its beginning: At the same time Odo teleported in and dashed into Exileh, Hyli and Samux with his Ultimate. Csacsi entered the fight with Stand United. Odo was up against four members of UOL and fell to Exileh after a couple of seconds. Jankos stepped forward to avenge his teammate, but Death Sentence connected on him and Exileh claimed a Double Kill. Samux also got his first kill as Hyli flashed forward and caught Chei with a hook. 3:1 for the Unicorns!

But the magic was not always with our Unicorns: Hyli got stunned by Febiven in the midlane whereas Samux landed a snare on the Syndra. Death Sentence connected on Febiven and Hyli put out The Box. Exileh jumped on Febiven who flashed away, but got slowed by Exileh’s Exhaust and the Katarina claimed another kill. Now Exileh was on the run. He flashed over the wall and jumped to Xerxe — unfortunately directly in the Ultimate of Odo who teleported into the fight: Odo gained a Shut Down onto Exileh. Hyli landed the Death Sentence on Nuclear. The ADC flashed away but Csacsi followed him right under the turret to secure the kill before Jankos could take Csacsi out. They traded two for two.

15 minutes later: Xerxe landed a stun on Chei while Hyli nearly fell due to the incoming damage by the Stranglethorns and Unleashed Power, but Csacsi saved Hyli’s life with his Ultimate. Exileh jumped on Febiven after he killed Jankos. Both flashed over the wall and Exileh gained a Double Kill. He was looking for a Triple and found Chei who didn’t flash away in time. Csacsi chased Nuclear and secured the kill with the popping Ivern shield. Odo tried to finish off Hyli but he wasn’t able to catch him. Exileh logged the unfriendly tree and claimed the Ace for the Pink Power Ponies that got themselves the Baron as well!

UOL scraped H2K’s base and gained three more kills as they tore down the Nexus turrets. They destroyed the Nexus at 42 minutes and took the first win of the series.

Nevertheless H2K went focussed into the second game and secured First Blood in the 9th minute: Xerxe jumped behind Nuclear with Elastic Slingshot and took down 50 % of his health bar. Odo teleported in and burned down the Zac immediately. Xerxe’s passive popped. Samux and Hyli couldn’t help their jungler and Nuclear claimed the kill!

But the Unicorns didn’t give up: Csacsi pushed Odo back to his turret. Odo put out The Equalizer to cut off the minion wave as Exileh came in and caught the Rumble with the Shockwave. Csacsi finished him off but there was no minion wave left that could have tanked the tower shots. Tower aggression switched from Exileh to Csacsi who instantly died and gave up a kill to Odo. Furthermore, Exileh got executed as two more tower shots landed on him. This propably was not the result Unicorns were hoping for.

8 minutes later H2K expanded their lead to 3k gold. However, this wasn’t a reason for the Pink Power Ponies to not give everything they had and even made some good plays: Csacsi, Xerxe, Odo and Jankos started a party in the toplane as Xerxe jumped on Odo. Jankos hunted Csacsi back to his tower and forced him to flash. Odo used The Equalizer but missed Csacsi. Hyli placed a shrine right in front of Csacsi and kept his toplaner barely alive. Odo burned down Xerxe’s HP but he got knocked back by the Zac Ultimate. Chei entered the fight and tried to finish off Xerxe. However, his passive was the only thing that popped and Csacsi teleported to one of the bloblets to safe Xerxe’s life. Meanwhile Hyli stunned Chei and opened the Magical Journey to secure his way to safety. But now he was in trouble as he got damaged by the Varus and knocked up by the Stranglethorns. Samux landed a snare on Nuclear just as Exileh came in, who cut down the enemy ADC with his Shockwave. UOL gained a kill but lost a tower in exchange.

But no matter how intensive they fought, in the end the magic was still not with our Unicorns during this game: Xerxe flew through the midlane and jumped on Chei who got picked up by Exileh. Febiven entered the fight with the Valkyrie and smashed Csacsi directly. Jankos claimed a Shut Down onto Exileh and a Double Kill as he killed Hyli as well. Febiven took out Samux and Xerxe and secured the Ace for his team. H2K broke down UOL’s base and destroyed the Nexus in the 33rd minute. This was the first loss for our Pink Power Ponies in Spring Split 2017!

However, our Unicorns wouldn’t be our Unicorns if they would give up that easy. They came even more powerful into the third match, although they had some struggles in the early game: Samux got knocked up under the turret by the Alistar. Nuclear landed a snare on him and Samux took a few tower shots until he was able to flash out. But even the use of both summoner spells was not enough to keep him alive. First Blood for Nuclear and H2K! However, Hyli flashed forward to avenge his teammate and the Voidlings finished off the Jhin. 2 minutes later Hyli showed an impressive willingness to help, but this time Hyli was not the lucky winner in the end: Jankos jumped on Xerxe as Hyli flashed over the wall of the dragonpit and used his Ultimate on Jankos. Xerxe got away but you can’t betray the God of Death: Hyli died instead of Xerxe and Odo claimed the kill.

Even though H2K had a small lead, the Unicorns of Love were able to fight back: Csasci found Odo in the bush and Hyli killed him with Nether Grasp. Jankos and Febiven entered the fight. Xerxe gained a Shut Down onto Jankos, after he managed to kill Hyli. Febiven shredded Xerxe’s health bar. Nuclear put out the Curtain Call and Csacsi tanked the shots to protect Xerxe. Febiven took a lot of damage by Exileh. He was forced to flash away but Exileh followed him. Exileh got knocked back over the wall by Chei after he landed a stun on Febiven. Xerxe restored his health with a potion, jumped back into the fight and finished off Febiven. Three kills for the Unicorns and they were on their way to close the gold gap.

20 minutes later UOL actually got the Baron — they just needed four attempts to acquire the buff of the purple worm — and the last team fight of the game started: Ashe arrow connected on Odo as Hyli ulted Jankos and popped his Guardian Angel. Meanwhile Xerxe jumped in the back of Febiven and Nuclear. Febiven got demolished by UOL’s Exileh and Chei claimed a Shut Down onto the kitty cat. Csacsi flashed forward to finished off Nuclear. Samux gained a Double Kill onto Jankos and Chei as he secured the Ace for the Unicorns of Love. The four remaining members used the Ryze Ultimate to teleport to the mid inhibitor and they broke down the base. The Pink Power Ponies ended the third game of series at 41 minutes — with a thunderous applause by the crowd.

The Unicorns of Love put H2K in their place and are now the only undefeated team in group B! Make sure that you don’t miss the last group game of UOL against Splyce on Thursday!


— mirixryan

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