Game Report Week 2 Day 1

“You never know when it comes to the Unicorns.” — PiraTechnics

Last week we all were witness of a convincing win of the Unicorns of Love against Vitality. This time they were up against the new lineup of Origen in their first match of the week. After some struggles in both early games our Pink Power Ponies regained their old strength and finished this series with a 2:0. 

Origen started the pick and ban phase with a clear target ban against Xerxe who had an impressive performance on Ivern last week. Moreover, Origen’s team composition of Jayce, Zyra, Varus, Cassiopeia and Olaf promised a harsh game for the Unicorns. Especially Exileh had some problems in the beginning of the game as he gave First Blood to Naehyun in the fourth minute: Exileh pushed the wave towards Naehyun’s tower, but he took a lot of damage by his opponent. He managed to flash to safety. All summoners of both midlaners got burned. No kill so far. Instead of recalling back to base, Exileh stayed in the lane. Shortly after he got ganked by Wisdom. Exileh landed a snare on Naehyun and tried to escape through the river. Wisdom’s Olaf was not done with him, though. He chased Exileh with Ghost, Undertow landed on the midlaner and Naehyun used the chance to finish him off.

10 minutes later: A party in the botlane. Exileh and Naehyun roamed botside. Csacsi and Satorius teleported in as Tempered Fate landed on Hiiva. Samux hit him with a snare and put out the Curtain Call. Meanwhile Hylissang as well as Exileh got pierced by Stranglethorns. Both got knocked up and killed by their enemies. Csacsi handled it to kill Hiiva before he fell to Tabzz. Xerxe and Samux needed to back off. Origen gained three kills and an uncontested bottom turret.

However our beloved Unicorns were able to strike back. Csacsi and Satorius were fighting in the botlane as Hyli came in. Satorius tried to escape, but Tempered Fate caught the Jayce and Csacsi finished him off. Meanwhile Hiiva got demolished in the midlane by The Equalizer of Xerxe and Samux’s Curtain Call. But the Unicorns weren’t done yet. Exileh and Xerxe used the Realm Warp to teleport behind Tabzz who barely flashed away in time. Cassiopeia’s Ultimate landed on Xerxe and he took a lot of damage by Tabzz, though he managed to get away with his life. Csacsi used his Ultimate on Exileh and joined the party. Exileh gained a Shut Down onto Tabzz and a Double Kill as he slew Wisdom. Naehyun was the only remaining member of Origen who got away safely while the Unicorns secured themselves the Baron at 25 minutes!

UOL scraped their enemy’s midlane with the buff of the purple worm and backed off after they smashed the mid inhibitor. 3 minutes later Csacsi started the final fight: Satorius got chased by Csacsi in the bottom lane while Origen started the Baron. Satorius wanted to join his teammates, but Csacsi stopped his teleport with a taunt, killed the Jayce and Origen cancelled the Baron call. Csacsi recalled to refill his health bar before he teleported behind his remaining opponents. He took down the AD Carry as Samux gained a Triple Kill and the Ace for the Unicorns of Love. The Pink Power Ponies finished the game with an outstanding scene at 34 minutes when they used the Ryze Ultimate to teleport between the Nexus turrets. — Extremely remarkable: Xerxe did not die a single time! —

Origen seemed to be refreshed after the short break as they showed an impressive early game that was really overextending for the Unicorns. Particularly the Hecarim pick of Wisdom caused a lot of trouble for Exileh who was 0/3/0 on his Ryze after only 10 minutes. But he was not the one who gave First Blood in the third minute of the game: Csacsi and Xerxe invaded the enemy Blue Buff, but they got caught between the Rumble and the Hecarim. They all went really low on health and Csacsi had to flash out. Xerxe smited the Blue before he got burned by the Flamespitter. The Zac Passive popped and Wisdom secured First Blood for Origen.

Our Unicorns conquered the shock and reconcentrated as they gained their first kills in the 13th minute of the game: Xerxe ganked mid as he jumped on Naehyun and shredded 50 % of his health. Wisdom, Satorius and Hyli entered the fight. Csacsi walked down the river and sent the Hecarim home with Keeper’s Verdict. Exileh claimed his first kill after Csacsi stunned Naehyun against the wall. Hiiva joined the party and knocked up three members of the Unicorns with the Zyra Ultimate. Wisdom found his way back into the fight as he tried to pick up Xerxe, but Csacsi foiled his plan and took him out. Xerxe survived, however his Passive was gone. Tabzz flashed over the wall, missed the Chain of Corruption and immediately got demolished by Xerxe. Three kills for the Unicorns and Origen’s gold lead slowly passed away.

Two minutes later Origen secured First Tower Blood in the toplane while another team fight erupted on the bottom side of the map. Samux landed a snare on Hiiva and opened fire with the Curtain Call. Csacsi teleported in, but he and Hyli got held by the Zyra Ultimate. Hiiva ran under the tower to protect his life as Tabzz killed Hyli. Csacsi dashed forward to secure the kill onto Hiiva and Tabzz backed off. UOL stayed bot to put some damage on the tower until Wisdom and Tabzz interrupted them. Csacsi got feared by the Hecarim Ultimate, but he managed to sent Wisdom back home with the hammer. Naehyun entered the fight and killed Csacsi. But now he was in trouble as Xerxe and Samux came in. Although Naehyun tried to flash to safety, Samux released him of suffering and finished the Jayce off. Wisdom was completely focused on killing Xerxe as he finally got back in the fight. However Samux saved his teammate’s life and claimed a Double Kill while he nearly lost nothing of his HP.

The Pink Power Ponies took control over the game as they gained an Ace at 20 minutes: Xerxe, Samux and Exileh waited in the midlane riverbush while Tabzz pushed the lane. Hiiva walked down in the jungle and Xerxe surprised him when he jumped over the wall and forced Hiiva’s flash. Samux’s snare landed on Hiiva who burned his Ultimate as Wisdom ran into Samux and Exileh. Csacsi and Satorius joined the fight with Teleport. The Equalizer landed on Samux and Xerxe while Hyli got killed by Wisdom. Exileh demolished Naehyun who came in just a few seconds ago. The fight transferred to the midlane and Exileh slew Satorius. Xerxe jumped on Hiiva and Tabzz. Samux got himself a kill as Xerxe took out Tabzz. UOL hunted Wisdom down through the jungle. Exileh ended Wisdom’s stampede as he used his Ultimate to teleport behind him and secured the Ace for the Unicorns. As if this wasn’t enough they got themselves the Baron too.

And they simply did it again: UOL pushed mid while Zac waited on the side hidden by the fog of war. He jumped behind Origen’s frontline onto Tabzz and solokilled the Varus almost instantly. Wisdom ran into Samux with his Ultimate who flashed to Hylissang. The Tahm Kench just ate him and transported him to safety, away from the Hecarim. Csacsi took out Hiiva as he knocked him against the turret. Exileh finished off the overheating Rumble and Samux killed the scary horse with the Curtain Call. Naehyun ran out of Samux’s range but Csacsi KILLED him with Keeper’s Verdict. Another Ace for the Unicorns!

The best things come in threes: Origen hid in the bush and gained a Shut Down onto Xerxe who unfortunately walked by. But the Unicorns did not stand for that. They returned fire and took down three members of Origen. Exileh, Samux and Csasci teleported behind their running enemies with the Realm Warp and Samux was “godlike” as he killed Satorius. Exileh chased down Tabzz and gained the Unicorns the third Ace in less than five minutes!

The Unicorns of Love tear down the Nexus turrets and ended the game at 25 minutes. It’s their second win in the split in less than 30 minutes!

“I feel confident going in the H2K game. I’m not sure how strong they are because they have like three new players in their roster. I’m looking forward to play them and see how strong they are.” — Hylissang about the game against H2K on Saturday

Our Unicorns showed once again that they are always able to make a huge comeback. Let’s hope they stick to it. Stay tuned for our summary of the epic series of the Unicorns versus H2K that took place on Saturday. You do not want to miss it!


— mirixryan

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