Game Report Week 1

“He’s a monster in the jungle.” — Deficio about Xerxe

After 61 days we saw our Pink Power Ponies back on the big stage when they took on Vitality in their first LCS game in 2017. Due to their 2:0 win the Unicorns of Love gain the second place of group B closely behind H2K.

Our Unicorns started — as always — with a surprising pick and ban phase as they left open Rengar. Unexpected picks like Poppy, Ivern and Lulu also spread confusion in the minds of the casters, the fans and of course their enemies. But this unconventional composition turned out as quite successful as UOL earned First Blood in the fourth minute of the game: Cabochard got ganked by “the monster” Xerxe and even a flash couldn’t help him against the united power of Ivern and Poppy.

After 14 minutes the first team fight erupted: Xerxe roamed botside after Hachani and Djoko popped Hylissang like a rainbow bubble. Djoko tried to surprise Samux and Xerxe, but he got snared under the tower just as Daisy wanted to properly say hello to him. Cabo, Csacsi and Exileh teleported down. Nukeduck joined the party with his Ultimate and Csacsi sent him right back home with Keeper’s Verdict. A snare landed on Hachani, he got knocked up by Daisy and Csacsi finished him off with the hammer. One more kill for the Unicorns and Vitality backed off. But UOL weren’t done yet: They secured the first and only dragon of the game. Right afterwards the outer bottom turret got destroyed by Samux, Hylissang and Xerxe. First Tower Blood for the Unicorns!

Vitality lost any control of the game and even well-concieved plays ended with a turn-around by UOL: Samux pushed midlane while Djoko and Hachani waited in the bush. Malzahar’s Ultimate and Exhaust hit Samux. He got attacked by three members of Vitality but his team backed him up: Triggerseed, Wild Growth and Locket saved Samux who flashed to safety and killed Rengar. However, the fight was only at its beginning. The Unicorns got an uncontested Baron after Exileh gained a Double Kill onto Nukeduck and Hachani!

The Unicorns destroyed Vitality’s midlane with the newly received buff and the last team fight of the game started: UOL demolished their opponents. They scored an Ace and shredded any chances of a comeback by Vitality. Game 1 ended at 27 minutes with a 10k gold lead for the Pink Power Ponies!

Vitality chose Red Side for the second game and horrified everyone by not banning Camille. Csacsi picked her up immediately for himself  first Camille in the EU LCS! The counterpick Fiora however promised an interesting toplane matchup. Unfortunately the magic wasn’t always with our Unicorns during this game.

Fifth minute: Hylissang got surprised by Hanachi who was waiting in the river bush. Djoko came down the river powered by Ghost. Hyli got silenced and Deadly Flourish landed on him. Samux tried to help his teammate with his Heal, but Steeelback flashed forward and secured the kill. First Blood for Vitality  although the Unicorns struck back when Xerxe scored a Double Kill onto Djoko and Cabochard after Csacsi died during a fight in the topside river.

This game was also a great example why Camille normally gets banned every single time: Later on in the game Csacsi got pushed back by Cabo and was running low on health. Cabo tried to dive him under the turret but Csacsi put out The Hextech Ultimatum. Cabo was locked up, the tower finished him off and Csacsi recalled to safety. Five minutes later the king in the toplane secured First Tower Blood for the Unicorns!

22nd minute of the game: Csacsi took the midtower while Samux got cut down by Djoko in the botlane. Hyli and Xerxe tried to kill Djoko but Nukeduck and Cabochard entered the fight and took down both of them. Csacsi reached the lane as well and shredded Nukeduck with his Ultimate, before he used Tactical Sweep to gain a Double Kill onto Djoko. Exileh joined the party and finished off Hachani, but he was under fire by Steeelback’s Curtain Call and fell shortly after. Ace for Vitality and a Triple Kill for Cabochard!

The Unicorns still had a slight gold lead. Csacsi continued his split push on the botlane and Cabochard recalled to stop him from taking the inhibitor. In the meantime Djoko got executed by Baron and Vitality backed off to refill their health bars. UOL used this chance and secured Baron for themselves. Exileh gained a Double Kill on their way to Vitality’s base. The Unicorns broke open the base until they needed to back off after Hyli and Csacsi got killed in the fight. The Nexus was open.

The Unicorns started a last push on the toplane and took down the last remaining turret. They broke into the base, Samux got shut down but this didn’t stop the Unicorns of Love to end the game at 32 minutes with a Triple Kill for Vizicsacsi.

Our Pink Power Ponies demonstrated with a convincing win that they weren’t lazy in the off-season and that all the other teams should definitely fear their horns!

“I think we are kind of even with H2K or Splyce right now, and I believe we have more potential than them and I think our roster right now is extremly talented. The two players that we picked up are really good and show a lot of promise for the future as well. So I believe this is maybe one of the most talented rosters that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. So I’m very looking forward to where we can improve and I believe in the team.” — Vizicsacsi after the game

Make sure that you tune in next week when our magical Unicorns come up against Origen and H2K!


— mirixryan

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