Our Magical Journey Begins

Our Unicorns will be on the big LCS again very soon, playing – once again – with a surprisingly different roster and under new conditions regarding the tournament format.

But let’s have a short look back at the things that happened in the last few weeks. Shortly after the great win at IEM, the team announced that they were going to part ways with “Move”, who had been struggling with his pathing but showed new heights at IEM. His replacement was found soon – the Romanian jungler “Xerxe”, who had been playing with Dark Passage in the TCL, finishing the 2016 season with a 3:0 win at the Playoffs against SuperMassive esports.

Sadly, shortly after “Move” had left, “Veritas” also declared that he wouldn’t come back to Europe because he was missing his friends, family and overall a Korean environment. After all, being half a world away from home is pretty hard. The Unicorns had very little time to find a new ADC and chose the Spanish marksman “Samux”, sub for the ADC position for Giants Gaming, which made sense since they had already played with him in scrims when Veritas was in Korea.

The new season also brings format changes, after last years try-outs between Bo2 (EU) and Bo3 (NA) had been reviewed. EU LCS will now be played in Bo3 as well, stretching the matchdays from Thursdays and Fridays to Thursdays to Saturdays and in a few weeks even to Sundays. The teams are placed in two groups by a draft, putting UOL in a group with Origen, H2K, Splyce and Vitality. Season 7 officialy starts on January 19th.

We want to wish Move and Veritas all the best for their future careers and lifes and would like them to know that in our hearts they will always be Unicorns. We also want to welcome Xerxe and Samus to the EU LCS. 🙂 See you there guys!

Although there have been a lot of unexpected changes we believe that our Pink Power Ponies will be a top contender for a place at worlds this year, and we are hyped to finally see them play again at the LCS!


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