We are the LoveHurtsCrew – the official Unicorns of Love fanclub and the first official fanclub for a League of Legends LCS team in Europe!

Our goal is to support our pink power ponies in any way we can, and to deliver a bit of the love and hype from LCS to those of you out there who can’t join us live in Berlin.

In 2016 we started with our first two events, the cosplay battle vs. Fnatic and the pool party event. In 2017 we want to continue hosting events like these at LCS, so stay tuned and check our calendar for the next events. You can find pictures of former events in our gallery. Aside from LCS, we try to involve fans from abroad into all things Unicorn, because from our point of view, every fan deserves recognition for his or her dedication. We want to give you the opportunity to show your support! Together with their skill and our love, we will give our best to make UOL for Worlds happen!

Join our Discord to play with other fans, talk about the games and more here!